Friday, 8 November 2013

Where would you take your Hamish McHaggis? It's a competition!

Ever since the Hamish McHaggis toy arrived earlier this year I've had some lovely photos sent to me of Hamish with his new friends.  Hamish seems to get everywhere!  

So I decided it would be fun to run a competition with a bag of Hamish goodies as a prize. 


Here are some of the wee Hamish fans and where they take their Hamish!


Little Libby in New Zealand is a great Hamish fan. He goes everywhere with her! 

Libby and Hamish 

When her grandparents came to Scotland this summer they were under strict orders to get another Hamish  for her, just in case he got lost or worn out!

Matthew and Hamish

Little Matthew from West Lothian in Scotland likes to take his Hamish to bed with him, to ensure he has sweet dreams!


Zoe was visiting from Northern Ireland when she was delighted to spot Hamish in Waterstones  window in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Eilidh with her Hamish

And this is the lovely Eilidh who loves her Hamish so much that when she was going to be a bridesmaid at her auntie's wedding she had to take Hamish along.

  He is looking very smart in this photo with his tartan bowtie!


And doesn't Eilidh look gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress!

Lucy and Alan  - Congratulations!

Hamish decided he just had to get his photo taken with the bride and groom!

Sheonad, Eilidh's mum, has a great blog. Do drop by and have a look.
Eilidh has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and her mum Sheonad is working to raise awareness of the condition.

Poppy with her Hamish in the Woods

 And this is Poppy who loves to go for long walks in the woods with her mummy and daddy, but Hamish often insists on going along, too!

 So where would you take your Hamish?

 The two winners will each get a Hamish cuddly toy,  Hamish goodies including a Hamish McHaggis book which will be dedicated  and signed by both myself and the illustrator Sally J. Collins. 
There will also be some runner up prizes of signed copies of the Hamish McHaggis Activity and Story book.

In conjunction with Looking Glass Books in Edinburgh we are running the competition for young Hamish fans.  All you have to do is download and print out this picture of Hamish

There will be a list of participating libraries on the lookingglassbooks facebook events page    you can also enter the competition by handing in your entry there, The libraries will also will be putting up displays of the entries.

All the information about the competition is also on the poster below
Once you have coloured in Hamish you can decide where you would take him.

Either draw and colour in the background of the picture with where you would take Hamish,  and take a photo of your picture

OR  cut out Hamish and take a photo of him in your favourite place.

Then click on the link below and upload your photo onto the competition page of the website Lookingglassbooks facebook events page   before midnight the closing date of St Andrew's Day - 30th November 2013. Winners will be drawn on Sunday 1st December at a special event in the Looking Glass Books Bookshop, Quartermile, 3 Porters Walk, EH3 9GG  Edinburgh.


  1. Really, really strange I should be reading this right now. I am helping out at a craft fair in Adelaide and actually saw a small child carefully explaining to her Hamish, "That's knitting and you do it with two sticks and lots and lots of wool." I asked where she got the bear - from her grandparents who live in England.

  2. That's lovely, Cat! You see, Hamish does really get out and about!