Sunday, 6 January 2013

Starting on a positive note!

Tomorrow I need to get out to Tuscany (my shed - for those who missed that!)  and open it up ready for the new year -I've been hibernating with a nasty bug for company since the year turned!

It's always good to get back to my desk after the festivities are over, even if the first task is to clear away the mess and prepare for the year ahead.

I have made a start with a new diary and I have started on a new book (actually two new books, and several other ideas are trying hard to push themselves forward) but I am determined to be more disciplined and so have made a few resolutions.

I found last year that too many days slipped by when I was not actually doing any writing.  I was asked at a school at the end of the year if I wrote every day and I mumbled and then had to admit that recently I have found days/weeks going by when I have not actually written anything other than a blog such as this or for either of the two collaborative blogs I write for,  ABBA (Awfully Big Blog Adventure) and Picturebook Den .

SO these are my resolutions....
1 To make sure that each and every day I will write for at the very least 30 minutes! More of course would be better, and I will naturally write for much longer if I have a deadline, but this is the absolute minimum.
2 To make sure I am not writing more than one thing at a time (or two possibly- sigh, seems discipline is slipping already and I can't make myself keep to just one after all!)
3 Not to take on too many things that interfere with writing.....   
4 To keep those above (because making any more resolutions will just mean I won't keep to them!)

Meanwhile there have been a some lovely comments coming in about Don't Judge Me  now that people have got their copies.  It seems I may have succeeded in keeping them guessing, which is great.  You can read The Bookwitch review on the link on the right. Below are a couple of comments left on Facebook for me, thanks for these - makes it all worth while! 

From Gerry (the Mole) 'I'm reading "Don't Judge Me" by Linda Strachan and writing the review in my head already... ' (Looking forward to reading it, Gerry!)

'Last night I was up until 3.30am because I couldn't put down Don't Judge Me. If ever there was an award winning book, this is it. I'll acknowledge up front I know and like Linda and generally admire all her work, but I can honestly say this is an extraordinary book. From the breathless opening to the satisfying conclusion piece after piece of a puzzle drops into place examining how easy and how dangerous it is to misjudge one another. Excellent Y A book that will also appeal to adults.'
Caroline Dunford

 'Hi, just wanted you to know I really enjoyed Don't Judge Me! So many twists and so many complex, difficult social issues addressed. Really entertaining and I had to keep reading as the characters get under your skin and you want to know who did what. Thank you :)'
Lindsey Mizen

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - It's 2013

I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2013  -    and may the road ahead be calm and peaceful.