Monday, 17 September 2012

Don't Judge Me

I always feel a mixture of excitement and dread when it comes to the cover of a new book.

 Excitement because after spending all that time writing it it is going to be great to see someone else's vision of what the book is about.

Dread because this is your baby and you want it to be right, even if you don't really know what 'right' should look like!

SO what is the book about?     DON'T JUDGE ME  is about just that. We all make snap judgements about people we meet or see in the street.

We even make judgements about our friends. But do we really know them and do they know us as well as they think they do?
Among other things  DON'T JUDGE ME is about Arson, sometimes called Fire Setting.  It is about a group of teenagers and an arsonist. It's about lots of different kinds of people and how we make sometimes make judgements about them.

Thankfully when I saw the ideas for the cover I was delighted, and after some small tweaks it was settled.  I love the cover and I can't wait to see the finished book.

I really like the way the flames continue over the spine and onto the back cover.

The title font works really well, too.   It is the same as on the titles on SPIDER and   DEAD BOY TALKING

I like the way the font looks so different on each book, but still links them together.
There's a great poster, too.

And as it says on the poster

comes out  in OCTOBER 2012