Saturday, 31 August 2013

Some of my recent blog posts elsewhere...

I regularly blog for a couple of collaborative blogs such as ABBA  

and also  Picturebook Den

and in case you have missed them here are a few of my more recent blogs

It's all up in the air- creativity is so fragile  

 on ABBA fragile creativity can be

'It is a fragile thing this bubble of creativity and it can so easily be burst by negative thoughts and worries. '


'...the real joy, and angst..' of being a writer.

Some of the other things a writer does when they are not actually writing the 'book words'.

 On Picturebook Den the post  Getting to the heart of a picture book 

Busting some common misconceptions about how easy it must be to write a picture book evidenced by comments such as

'there are so few words' and 'it is just a story for little children'

How do you get to the heart of a picture book text?  
Do you need rhyme? How trying to make the text rhyme can push the story out of shape and make the text unwieldy.

Talking about where to start, and how hard it can be to make it work with so few words.

There are lots of great posts by the other contributors on both ABBA and Picturebook Den, all members of the 'other SAS' the Scattered Authors Society,  so why not drop by !

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