Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A picture book for wee Prince George.

With all the excitement over the new arrival it seemed timely to look at a book set in Balmoral.  The Queen is about to set off for her annual holiday at Balmoral and, when he is a little older, William and Kate's new baby will no doubt join the rest of Royal family there for a holiday.

Hamish McHaggis and the Lost Prince

This Hamish adventure is not only set in the grounds and hills around Balmoral but Angus, the pine marten, has a chance encounter with the Queen and her corgis!

Hamish and his friends are asked by Shona, the red squirrel, if they will come up to Balmoral to help the other animals find the lost prince.   Rupert is very excited because he is looking forward to meeting royalty so he is a little disconcerted to discover the prince in question is a deer prince, the son of the Monarch of the Glen. (on the cover!)

Hamish McHaggis cuddly toy
Angus manages to get lost, as often happens, and meets the Queen out walking with her corgis.    A lovely heart warming story for all ages with delightful illustrations by the talented Sally J. Collins.

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