Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Books and cakes

 DON'T JUDGE ME Launch cake -

I think a celebration deserves a cake. 

A book launch is a celebration so there needs to be cake, at least I think so.

 With the launch of DON'T JUDGE ME last week I thought it was time for another celebration cake and the lovely people who came along seemed to agree with me!

 The first book launch I ever had was in 2003, for my picture book

 I was keen to have the front of the book on the cake and the only way I could think of doing it was to ask a good friend of mine, who made wedding cakes,  to make me a cake and paint the cover on the cake,(in edible food colour of course)

.I think she made a great job of it.
What colour is Love? Cake and some of the cuddly toys I use for school visits..

When I had my book launch for SPIDER in 2008 I discovered a great on line company (Caketoppers) who send you an exact copy of a photo printed on icing,  It comes through the post and works wonderfully!
2008 was a busy year and my second book launch that year was for WRITING FOR CHILDREN and the lovely Mary Hoffman was staying with me and she showed that she is not only a great writer, she bakes a mean sponge cake!
We had a few laughs messing about in the kitchen but thankfully the cake was ready in time for the launch party and quite delicious!


The same year saw the launch of a new Hamish McHaggis.  The Hamish books have been launched in various great venues such as the Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh Castle, Glamis Castle and also Stirling Castle.  But in 2008 we had the launch of The Lost Prince, in the grounds of Balmoral, on a beautifully sunny day.  Back at home we also had a small launch party at Waterstones in Edinburgh and it was time for another cake!

 Dead Boy Talking was launched at North Berwick High School in 2010 - by the great team of Platinum Pages Publication Promotions and their teacher who organised and promoted the launch, wrote reviews and even wrote and performed a short scene from the book. So once more a cake was the order of the day and was enjoyed by all.

BOOKS and CAKES  - I think they go together really well!

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