Wednesday, 18 April 2012

# Day 2 - Cairo - Visiting the MES (Modern English School)

On my first day at the MES the school bus came to collect me early in the morning and at that time the roads were fairly quiet, although there were a number of other school buses.

Driving along it was a chance to see the dry and sandy landscape that was such a contrast to the wet, greenery of Scotland. It was thankfully not too hot while I was there but warm enough to be a welcome change from a chilly spring back home.

Little did I know at that point that the weather at home had changed as I left and they were enjoying a week of glorious sunshine!!!


All of my sessions would take place in the school hall and my first day was with the Year 9 students.

I ran a series of writing workshops with three different classes.

I had planned a mixture of short exercises and some readings from Dead Boy Talking and Spider.
The day went well with really interesting ideas coming from the students.
Some came by afterwards to get me to sign the books they had bought and others were able to come back to see me later in the week to ask questions and get their books signed, too.


  1. You certainly get the chance to visit some interesting places!