Friday, 17 December 2010

Presents - what would you buy your characters for Christmas?

Do you know what to give your nearest and dearest this Christmas? Do you find choosing gifts a pleasure or a chore.

Perhaps there was a present you desperately hoped for as a child, but never got, or one that delighted you so much that the memory is still vivid?

Do you remember the worst present you have ever received or the present you wish you had never given someone else?

A great way of creating real, living, breathing characters is to get to know them as well, or better, than we know the people around us.  So here is a thought - what to get them for Christmas. or what would be their ideal Christmas present?

If you understand your characters well enough to breathe life into them on the page,  you should be able to think about what they would want for themselves, but also what some of the people around them would choose for them as a present.


  1. I have to know all sorts of things about my characters which would never get written into what I write - but I need to know those things before I can write about them!

  2. So true cat. It is all about understanding you characters but like your friends - you know things about them that help you understand their motives and feelings and what they like or dislike. You know these things but you don't need to vocalise them.